a day filled with wedding thoughts

over the next year and a half i’ll be attending the first four ‘real’ weddings of my newish adulthood. that is to say, the first four weddings that i’ll actually receive my own invitation to. and whilst one of them comes with its own built-in dress code and manner of conduct (i’ll be serving as a bridesmaid in my cousin jessica’s wedding party), a lot of thought goes into what one should wear at such a life-unionizing event. season, level of formality, scale of potential usurpment of the bride’s flowy frock (though i’m not really worried about that), and most importantly, comfort, all factor into finding the perfect (or at least acceptable) nuptual-day outfit.

such were the issues floating around in my mind as i ventured into anthropologie this afternoon to score dress number one for the rapidly approaching april wedding in a few weeks. unfortunately, while i could happily spend all day lounging on anthro’s gorgeously tressed plush couches and fingering through the baskets of cute little drawer handles, my budget limit was a bit hard to appease. to my surprise, however, i not only found this adorably spring-y dress designed by moulinette soeurs, but it only set me back $168 (fairly cheap, as the other I considering would have run me $288 into a financial grave).