happy happy girl

some very good news to share... after months and months of scrimping and saving and drinking 3 buck chuck instead of going out to drinks in the city, i have successfully (with some much appreciated help) purchased a new 15" macbook pro! sunday was filled with carefully unwrapping the gorgeously sleek machine from its packaging, customizing a few browser preferences, and subsequently spending the next few hours on freelance research (aka drooling over illustrator/designer/calligrapher eye candy like paperfinger, cynthia warren, jill malek, etc. etc. etc.). this, ladies and gentlemen, means more frequent posts from yours truly as i now have the means to write from home and not just in the wee hours of the morning before the work day begins (or during my lunch break... or after work... or when i'm slightly bored at work...). this also means that you'll be seeing a lot more of my artwork, now that i have a real place to store images. which brings me to exciting new toy number two: a beautiful set of new speedball calligraphy pens, nibs and ink! i'll be creating most of the hand-lettered material for my cousin's wedding next summer, so honing my calligraphy skills will be both extremely fun and useful.

july is winding down in a thick, soupy spiral of orange skies, rich greenery and melted mint chocolate chip ice cream, and i'm very much looking forward to the new colors and flavours that come with the onslaught of august.

love and cheers, jilly