sundays and sundaes

it's been the most beautiful weekend in new york.  i swear i caught a gust of autumn yesterday afternoon as i was walking towards the train to head uptown for a 'speak easy' themed party at a friend's apartment. autumn.  my eyes close and the corners of my mouth start to rise at the thought of crisp breezes and falling leaves; weather that's perfect enough to warrant just a sweater and a pair of jeans, curling up on a blanket in the park with a book and long sleeves that reach just down past your fingertips to prevent them from a chill.  hot chai.  apple crisp.  thanksgiving. i'm getting ahead of myself here, i know.

now we're in the back half of summer - august, usually the most abrasive of months in regards to heat, humidity, utter agony in an apartment that functions without air conditioning.  but surprisingly, and thankfully, this august has started off quite mild, with days like yesterday and today, sunny yet not overwhelmingly hot.  i'm dreading tomorrow, not just because it's another monday where 8 hours are spent tucked in an office and devoid of any real contact with the outdoors, but because i'm afraid this weather will forget itself as soon as the 'real world' calls us all back.  i certainly hope it doesn't.

one thing that this gorgeous weekend has provided (besides that sudden and elongated autumnal sensation) is a wonderful sense of inspiration.  i now know how to fill my very good friend andra's page for the sketchbook project: maps.  she's the most world and travel savvy person i know, so what better way to depict her than through a display of (most of) the places she's visited throughout the world.  here's the rough beginning.  i'm thinking of adding color - making it look a bit antiquated, like the maps of yore:


copyright jillian schiavi 2009


let me know what you think (and i apologize for the poor photo quality - these are all taken with my phone as a new camera is still a bit of a way's away), and have a lovely sunday night.