for the love of a ceiling fan

so remember the other day when i was blissfully reminded of the coming of autumn?  and then when i wished aloud that the weather would remain in its non-humid-slightly-cool-just-warm-enough state?  well it seems that i jinxed it.  for the past 4 or 5 days my roommates and i have been subjected to excruciatingly hot and humid nights, trying to lie as still as possible to catch whatever small breeze that happened to fly in through a window or down from our overeager (and underachieving) ceiling fans.  i suppose it's a bit too late to invest in an air conditioner - does anyone have any suggestions for cooling down a room in which it feels as though a bikram yoga class just took place?  i'll keep researching... and in the meantime savor the conditioned air of my office building as long as i can.  

on the sketchbook project front, i've got some progress to share!  here's the initial sketch for my brother alex's page:

copyright jillian schiavi 2009

he's an incredible track and field athlete (who just got an amazing scholarship for his senior year at temple!), and so i wanted to congratulate and commemorate all of the hard work he's put into running, jumping, throwing and hurdling.  love!


more to come soon - cheers!