from here to there


i'm incredibly excited to share with you some illustrations that i've recently had published in the 'dossier' section of Boris Akunin's new novel, Sister Pelagia and the Red Cockerel.  for those who are interested, the basic gist of the story is that Pelagia, a nun with a strange and uncanny affinity for sleuthing, travels throughout Russia and into Israel in search of the person responsible for murdering a man called Manuila who is believed to be a prophet, and emerges not only with a culprit but with a clue to the earth's greatest secret.  as far as russian murder mystery novels go, it's actually not a bad read!


to emphasize Pelagia's journey throughout the story, i worked with the editor to illustrate several maps outlining the major stopping points in both Russia and Israel.  all of the drawings are hand drawn and hand lettered, and i had such a wonderful time completing them.  let me know what you think, and hopefully i'll have the opportunity to work on some more projects like this soon!