the joy of posting

good morning glory, today i'm filled with thoughts of that all-important and sometimes hard-to-do part of maintaining relationships: keeping in touch.  i just recently found out some wonderful news... i was accepted into one of the mfa in illustration programs i applied to earlier this year (!).  still waiting to hear back from the other two, but i'm both incredibly relieved and excited at the prospect of starting along this new journey in a world more suited to creative and artistic ventures.  of course, this means that i may be very far away from my loved ones, family and friends, so what better way to assure constant updates and daily gossip than to invest in some beautiful letter-writing materials? 

lovely design has some gorgeous paper products, and right now i'm absolutely falling in love with their address file - all those gorgeously different cuts of paper combined with the warm wooden base would certainly make me want to flip through it on a daily basis.  wish list!

{images by lovely design}