yes dear readers, the time has finally come.  the last dredges of post-snowstorm glomp have been washed into sewer drains, the rock salt has de-rooted itself from the bottom of my black boots, the five-dollar sunglasses have been fished from the back of desk drawers (thankfully still in one piece). spring has arrived in new york. and i can't tell you what a difference that has made. 

starting in about 2 weeks, i'll be embarking on a new kind of journey, involving inky pens, card stock, twine, manilla file tags, illustrated paper and a brand new etsy shop for jillyink.  yes yes, i'm taking the plunge into business/venture/life ownership.  and hopefully, with enough optimism and focus and a few encouraging first gigs, this little light of mine will keep on shining (and paying for the electric bill...)!  i hope you're all excited, as i'll be documenting the process of starting an etsy shop and whatever/wherever this journey takes me.

in the meantime, outside into the sun i go!