half-bunny pose

i knew that the people (there are 57 of us!) going through the yoga to the people teacher training with me were a talented bunch... we've got artists, actors, singers, dancers, designers, successful lawyers and more... but as i continue to get to know each of them better i am constantly floored as to how impressive this bunch is.  and so i'd like to take a moment to hightlight one of our own, illustrator brian russo, who put together this incredibly cute (and informative) sketch of a bunny (see the full illustration here)moving through the chataranga flow and yttp basic sequence:  

also, be sure to check out 'the bear and the chickadee', a series of drawings involving, well, a bear and a chickadee aboard an intense and death-defying plane ride.  brian's work is full of life and emotion, and there's even talk of those bunnies finding newfound fame as the basis for a tshirt design!