oh what a beautiful weekend it's been!  after 2 sunny days of spring skiing, i'm full of inspiration and motivation for starting my own hand-lettering etsy shop.  in fact, i absolutely cannot wait.  i've been thinking of little ways to personalize the shop, and had decided to use little manilla tags monogramed with a jillyink logo and contact information to send alongside orders.

and now today, perusing around 100 layer cake, i came across this lovely gift idea that summer of grey loves weddings concocted for her boyfriend.  small found objects tied with ribbon and string represent milestones and every day commitments made in their relationship, with explanations typed up directly on the tags.

it's such a beautiful and thoughtful gift, and i very well may use some elements for  my jillyink tags when i return to new york.

{images found via 100 laker cake & grey likes weddings}