alphabetical stamps

i can't remember what it was, but i was perusing one of the many design blogs that i love the other day, and came across a rather fun and perhaps brilliant idea.  you all know how much i enjoy making return address stamps for people - what if i expanded on that idea, and created custom/themed stamps for other occasions?  currently i'm working on designs for initial stamps - that is, a stamp that contains one hand-drawn letter to represent someone's first initial.  it's the cool, chic way to sign things nowadays, right?  what?  you haven't heard this?  well, it's a good thing you're reading this, because now you can order your own initial hand stamp and be in with all the cool kids.



here's what i've got so far... more letters to come, and perhaps some holiday themed stamps as well.  when they're all finished, i may even open up that little etsy shop i've been neglecting for quite a while.  what do you think?  is there any interest in custom-designed wooden-handled rubber stamps out there in the world?