a new year for letters and letter-writing

happy eleventh year past the new millennium!  i realize it's been forever since i've written, but as a new year resolution, i am resolved to post more often here.  which will require me to upload photos more often.  and then take photos more often.  and then create things to take photos of more often.  and then... well, you catch my drift.  in a nutshell: 2011 will be the year that jillyink really makes its mark on the blogging/design/lettering/all things pretty cool world.

and to start off, how about a peak at a gift i recently gave to a very good friend and wonderful colleague of mine?  you can check nina gardner's own musings about life and living in the windy city over at 'just a chitown girl'.  currently we work together at the michigan ave lululemon athletica, and this past holiday season, for our 'secret santa/hanukkah harry' exchange, i decided to give her something a bit more personal.  as per my last post, i designed an initial stamp - a stylized 'n' that she can feel free to sign letters, cards, adorn the backs of envelopes, or if she so pleases, wallpaper her apartment with.