Fight For What You F*cking Love

Happy Friday!

The typical Friday attitude is usually, 'the week is over, now I can finally relax.' Well, what if it was different? What if Friday marked the beginning of something? Or the next step in getting to where you wanted to go? What if today, instead of backing off, or letting up, taking your foot off the pedal, you pushed harder, stayed committed, motivated, focused? 

I've been doing a lot of reading and practicing of how powerful mindset is, and I truly believe that if you're working towards or within something you love, the day of the week, the time of day, where you are, what you're wearing, etc., is all incidental to the goal. To love. So today, for the free Friday download, I'm sharing with you my intention for this TGIF: 'Put up a fucking fight for what you love.' (pardon my French).

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If you like this post, go ahead and comment with what drives you, or what it is that you're fighting for. Be sure to share it, and add the @jillyink so I can stay tuned into the conversation. As always, have an inspired and amazing day!