photo journalism subject

photojournalism2a few weeks ago, a lovely young woman named megan approached me about being the subject of her photojournalism class final project at northwestern university. she was to follow and document someone with a 'visually interesting' career, and after having worked as an intern at illumine magazine this past summer (remember this back cover and sanskrit work I contributed?), she thought my work warranted such documentation. photojournalism3


it was quite an adventure, especially over the last few weeks, which were filled with incredible inspiration shoots, custom calligraphy prints, and artwork for two different venues. she spent some time photographing my workspace, how i go about my day, and the other gigs i have going on - teaching yoga and consulting for arbonne. she's lovely, she's got her own website, writes for her own blog, and is the editor of the northwestern publication, spoon.


stay tuned for more recent work to come! and and! i'm currently taking new wedding clients for 2014, so if you, or someone you know is getting married in the next year, loves beautiful hand-lettered type, and working with someone who loves love, send on over a message.


(photo credits: megan suckut, 2013)

flip the page - new editorial work

IMG_3169 illumine back page

the best part about being a freelancer/small business owner of a creative studio is flexibility in the kind of work i can take on. you'd be surprised, and then actually not surprised at all, at how many venues there can be for hand-lettered text. With tattoo design and wedding envelopes under my belt, not to mention a few wall design branding gigs and some fine art commissions, it's been incredibly fun and exciting to dream up and wonder at where the next piece of work will come from.



imagine how thrilled i was, then, to receive a call from lourdes paredes, the publisher of a brand spanking new chicago-based yoga magazine. she'd seen my work on the michigan ave lululemon chalkboards, and thought i'd be a good fit for some editorial artwork in the premier issue of illumine. of course of course! not only have i taken her class at exhale spa, but sitting down and chatting with her about the yoga community, bringing people together from all over the city, cross-promoting different businesses, i was instantly inspired and wanted to be a part of something that seemed to speak to a lot of my own personal beliefs. add to that her general inquisitive and authentic demeanor, and the connection was unmistakeable.

illumine sanskrit-namaste

illumine sanskrit-brahma

illumine sanskrit-aum

illumine sanskrit-asana


for the premier issue, i was asked to design the inside back cover, as a sort of 'inspiration page'. readers can tear it out, put it on their walls, share it with other people, etc. after having painted a chalkboard wall in my shared studio space at both sides gallery, i knew it needed to be put to good use for this venue. i was also asked if i might take a stab at writing some sanskrit for one of the internal articles. i won't lie, i was a bit nervous about putting my hand to work on such an ancient and intricate language. it took a lot of practice, and a different approach to the written word as more symbol-focused, rather than letter, or meaning-focused, but after a short while, i got the hang of it. the lovely illumine intern, ashley, even came by the gallery to photograph the work and do a mini interview with me about jilly ink, and my apparent obsession with handwriting.

illumine fall inside credit

i'm currently working on the next issue, set to launch this winter, and i'm even more excited for the design in this one. whether or not you're currently a chicagoan, i'd greatly recommend subscribing to this gorgeous magazine. whether you're a devout yogi, or someone who's active in other ways, it's an incredible resource for living a more fulfilled life and taking advantage of some of the yogic principles in less obvious ways. seriously, read it. or at least go over to and scope it out first. (and check out my very own page!)


here's to more, and different, and crazy, and cool, and interesting work ahead!

invitations - lululemon style

IMG_3382 i recently had the opportunity to design some invitations for a lululemon athletica ambassador event, for the 900 n michigan store in chicago. i love love love all of that store's ambassadors (namely because i know all of them, and have taken all their amazing yoga, pilates, spin classes), and so this project held a special place in my heart. i hope you have fun learning all about the lululemon culture, amber cook, rebecca niziol, antonia desantis, tracy zindell (check out her gorgeous jewelry in her etsy shop too), jenny finkel, jessical aiken, and the token gentleman, mike thomson!

IMG_3383 IMG_3386



joy and weddings and logos galore

for the past few weeks, i've been designing and drawing up a storm here in the (for the meantime) stormless city of chicago. i thought i'd share a few of the most recent projects i've finished. first up, for our recent lululemon athletica store reopening party at the 900 n michigan location, we decided to honor our amazing yoga, run, spin, and dance ambassadors (see the lovley amber cook, rebecca niziol, antonia desantis, mike thomson, karim tonsy, and jim bennit). custom cards housed a very special surprise for them, and i was more than happy to provide the lettering for these inspiring and incredible members of the downtown chicago community.





secondly, a lovely wedding logo for a couple of engaged new yorkers, wilma and theresa. they wanted a design that brought the two of them together with their new shared surname. i think it'll look lovely on everything they decide to use it on throughout their wedding planning, and thereafter.

wilma wedding logo final


and thirdly, the most lovely woman from north carolina contacted me a few weeks ago to design the logo for her wedding photography business. anne liles is incredibly talented, and her style is so indicative of everything i find beautiful about love - the simplicity, the purity, the vibrancy and richness of all the senses. she captures all of that and more, and i was so pleased to be able to design something that represents that, along with her motto, 'life is art'.

anne liles photography final


oh hello new england stamp - schiavi family

my parents came to visit chicago last week, bringing with them my favorite red barn coffee roasters coffee, a six-pack of sam adams, extra yoga mats so they could take my class, and just so so so much fun.  and while they were here, my mum commissioned me to make a stamp for our home back in massachusetts.

i had such a wonderful time with them, and i can't wait to see this new little stamp in it's rightful place on the kitchen counter in milford, massachusetts when i go back to visit in august.

dear chicago, hi. i'm your new yoga teacher

that's right!  starting tomorrow (pending any real snowmaggedon doom), i begin teaching regular weekly power vinyasa classes at chicago's indigo studio.  i'm incredibly excited to be joining a group of talented instructors and fantastic yogis.  if you're ever in the area, please stop in to stretch and sweat with me!


here's my schedule - and i'll post if anything changes:

sundays: 9:00 - 10:00am

wednesdays: 5:00 - 6:00pm

fridays: 12:00 - 1:00pm


class description: power vinyasa flow

the purpose of this yoga is to help you explore your limitations while honoring your body.  this yoga will move you.  this yoga will inspire you.  this yoga will bring you closer to the relationship between your breath and body.  it will challenge you without forcing or pushing you to muscle through anything.  it will provide you with real physical, mental and emotional results to help you lead a more fulfilled and healthy life.  this yoga will make you sweat and smile at the same time.  this yoga is for everyone.


and a bit about me: jillian schiavi

jillian schiavi took her first yoga class four years ago, and has been continuously inspired ever since.  after receiving her undergraduate degree from new york university, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at yoga to the people (rys) in 2010.  in her teaching, as in her life, she exudes positive energy with a passion for sharing the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga.  she moved to chicago in august of 2010 with the intention of bringing that vision to others, as well as beginning work on her mfa in creative writing from the school of the art institute of chicago.  she believes that yoga should be available to anyone and everyone who wants to experience greatness and genuine possibility in their lives, and she believes that through teaching, she is able to further her understanding of the practice each and every day.


let the summer o'weddings begin!

for fear that she might look on here, i'll unfortunately have to wait to post the image of my dear friend rochelle's bachelorette party.  but, oh you wait, you just wait until you see it.  it might be one of my most favorite pieces to date. :) in the meantime, yoga teaching jobs are in the works, and the lovely girls of lululemon have taken me into their colorful family.  there couldn't be a better start to summer.  love to all - updates soon!

half-bunny pose

i knew that the people (there are 57 of us!) going through the yoga to the people teacher training with me were a talented bunch... we've got artists, actors, singers, dancers, designers, successful lawyers and more... but as i continue to get to know each of them better i am constantly floored as to how impressive this bunch is.  and so i'd like to take a moment to hightlight one of our own, illustrator brian russo, who put together this incredibly cute (and informative) sketch of a bunny (see the full illustration here)moving through the chataranga flow and yttp basic sequence:  

also, be sure to check out 'the bear and the chickadee', a series of drawings involving, well, a bear and a chickadee aboard an intense and death-defying plane ride.  brian's work is full of life and emotion, and there's even talk of those bunnies finding newfound fame as the basis for a tshirt design!

yo-yo ga

i believe i've mentioned previously that one of my springtime (potentially life-changing) events was to participate in a yoga teacher training.  well darlings, it has begun.  and i couldn't be happier.  the other unknown events of my future, and present, all of the stresses and questions and concerns that make up my day and fill the space between my ears before i fall asleep have been put on a major perspecive scale recently.  i honestly cannot wait for the next weekend, the next day of this teacher training as i'm learning more and more to listen to the body, the breath, to look within and observe the surrounding world at the same time.  yoga to the people, a donation-based studio in nyc's east village (with 2 more studios, hot power vinyasa and traditional hot yoga in midtown, 2 studios in the san fran area and 1 more hot/vinyasa space soon to open in brooklyn's williamsburg), has proven itself to be the best arena for me in which to explore this journey as i transition from student to teacher.  all of the people that make up the studio are incredibly insightful, knowledgeable, helpful and nurturing, and i couldn't ask for a better experience.

that being said, i just learned of a new donation-based studio opening up next week in the park slop area of brooklyn (the 'other brooklyn' as some like to call it).  brooklyn based profiled dharma yoga brooklyn today in their newsletter, and although it looks to be smaller than yttp, and will most likely have a different teaching style, i think it's definitely exciting and encouraging that more spaces are opening their doors to those who genuinely love the yoga.  love the yoga, but not the cost.  and since it's in my 'hood, i'll definitely be giving it a try!