yo-yo ga

i believe i've mentioned previously that one of my springtime (potentially life-changing) events was to participate in a yoga teacher training.  well darlings, it has begun.  and i couldn't be happier.  the other unknown events of my future, and present, all of the stresses and questions and concerns that make up my day and fill the space between my ears before i fall asleep have been put on a major perspecive scale recently.  i honestly cannot wait for the next weekend, the next day of this teacher training as i'm learning more and more to listen to the body, the breath, to look within and observe the surrounding world at the same time.  yoga to the people, a donation-based studio in nyc's east village (with 2 more studios, hot power vinyasa and traditional hot yoga in midtown, 2 studios in the san fran area and 1 more hot/vinyasa space soon to open in brooklyn's williamsburg), has proven itself to be the best arena for me in which to explore this journey as i transition from student to teacher.  all of the people that make up the studio are incredibly insightful, knowledgeable, helpful and nurturing, and i couldn't ask for a better experience.

that being said, i just learned of a new donation-based studio opening up next week in the park slop area of brooklyn (the 'other brooklyn' as some like to call it).  brooklyn based profiled dharma yoga brooklyn today in their newsletter, and although it looks to be smaller than yttp, and will most likely have a different teaching style, i think it's definitely exciting and encouraging that more spaces are opening their doors to those who genuinely love the yoga.  love the yoga, but not the cost.  and since it's in my 'hood, i'll definitely be giving it a try!