Free Friday Artwork: Cut Through the Bull

It's so gorgeous here in Oakland, it's almost impossible to stay inside and do work! I hope wherever you are that the weather is beautiful, or if it isn't, then you're able to make it a beautiful day regardless. This week has been all about getting to the intention behind everything. Everything from relationships and communication, to work and career, can be strengthened through a clear intention and objective behind it. And it may take some time, practice, some trials and triumphs, but when you really, fully, listen to your gut, cut through all the bull (that we tell ourselves, and we listen to from other people), every action you take will be aligned towards your goals.

So for your free Friday printable, here's a little minty reminder to get straight to the point. Click here to download a PDF, and then print it out, put it on your desktop, share it with your friends, and then go LIVE it!


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a thankful holiday season

    thanksgiving table setting

thanksgiving name cards


tis the season for wonder and splendor and beautiful tables and warm meals and blues and greens and reds and silver and gold all around. here's wishing you and yours a beautiful start to a love-filled holiday season. cheers!

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