oh hello new england stamp - schiavi family

my parents came to visit chicago last week, bringing with them my favorite red barn coffee roasters coffee, a six-pack of sam adams, extra yoga mats so they could take my class, and just so so so much fun.  and while they were here, my mum commissioned me to make a stamp for our home back in massachusetts.

i had such a wonderful time with them, and i can't wait to see this new little stamp in it's rightful place on the kitchen counter in milford, massachusetts when i go back to visit in august.

dear chicago, hi. i'm your new yoga teacher

that's right!  starting tomorrow (pending any real snowmaggedon doom), i begin teaching regular weekly power vinyasa classes at chicago's indigo studio.  i'm incredibly excited to be joining a group of talented instructors and fantastic yogis.  if you're ever in the area, please stop in to stretch and sweat with me!


here's my schedule - and i'll post if anything changes:

sundays: 9:00 - 10:00am

wednesdays: 5:00 - 6:00pm

fridays: 12:00 - 1:00pm


class description: power vinyasa flow

the purpose of this yoga is to help you explore your limitations while honoring your body.  this yoga will move you.  this yoga will inspire you.  this yoga will bring you closer to the relationship between your breath and body.  it will challenge you without forcing or pushing you to muscle through anything.  it will provide you with real physical, mental and emotional results to help you lead a more fulfilled and healthy life.  this yoga will make you sweat and smile at the same time.  this yoga is for everyone.


and a bit about me: jillian schiavi

jillian schiavi took her first yoga class four years ago, and has been continuously inspired ever since.  after receiving her undergraduate degree from new york university, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at yoga to the people (rys) in 2010.  in her teaching, as in her life, she exudes positive energy with a passion for sharing the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga.  she moved to chicago in august of 2010 with the intention of bringing that vision to others, as well as beginning work on her mfa in creative writing from the school of the art institute of chicago.  she believes that yoga should be available to anyone and everyone who wants to experience greatness and genuine possibility in their lives, and she believes that through teaching, she is able to further her understanding of the practice each and every day.