new! art work available on etsy

i've been receiving a lot of lovely feedback on the newest september show up at both sides gallery in pilsen, chicago. and an overwhelming amount of questions on how to purchase the work, if it's for sale, where can it be shipped to, etc etc etc. sept second fridays

so! with great aplomb and excitement, i'm proud to announce that all the framed typographical illustrations currently on view at the gallery are also available for purchase through the jilly ink etsy shop. browse away, but remember- these are one-of-a-kind pieces of work, so be quick to the draw if you want one for yourself!


have a lovely and gorgeous and wonderful september autumn day!

the september issue

sept second fridays it may not involve 900 pages of glossy advertisements, and annie leibovitz-esque couture photographs of kiera knightly or cate blanchett, but the september issue (read: show) of artwork at both sides gallery in pilsen, chicago is, in my opinion, pretty spectacular. working in the same space as artist meg frazier has been nothing short of a dream. there are days when we both get nothing done, and spend the day talking about the situation of the artist, how to monitor our finances, what we'd like to be when we grow up, how we pretty much are what we'd like to be when we grow up... and then there are days when the music's playing (or not, if we forgot to turn it on, and we're in the zone) and she's painting and i'm drawing and we're laying down finished pieces like they're cookies coming out of the oven. and so, after all that baking.. err, making.. here's what we recently framed and put up on the walls of both sides gallery, just in time for the september edition of the chicago arts district's second fridays art walk.




{'tighter' | '10”x12” | $150 w frame }



{'stronger' | 8”x10” | $100 w frame }


{'softer' | 18.5”x8” | $150 w frame }


{'smaller' | 3.5”x4.5” | $25 w frame}


{'sharper' | 5”x 6.25” | $50 w frame}


{'clearer' | 5.5”x16.5” | $125 w frame}


{'deeper' | 19.5”x17” | $200 w frame}



{'longer' | 10.5”x16” | $150 w frame}

these lovely pieces are on display at both sides gallery - 1840 s halsted st. chicago, il 60608 - and will also be available for purchase in my shop next week, so send me an inquiry at if you want a stab at them first!

a whole bunch of bones

2nd fridays wallribcage illustration{'bigger is better' 11x14 original illustraion - $175 w/frame}

Phew! August is already more than halfway over, and it seems crazy to me that so much has happened in the first 19 days of this summery month. Renovating and revamping a gallery space in Pilsen, frantically making work for the Chicago Arts District 2nd Fridays Art Walk, hanging the show, frantically making more work for the Pilsen Unisono Festival, designing a mini jilly ink booth, teaching painting classes, planning for the next three months at the gallery, putting together some exciting editorial work for magazines, commercial work for clients, and plugging away at the upcoming designs from the jilly ink wedding stationery line - this has been one crazy month, to say the least.

pelvis illustration{'so tight' 8x10 original illustration - $120 w/frame SOLD}

finger illustration{'long and hard' 8x10 original illustration - $120 w/frame SOLD}

cheekbone illustration{'nice cheeks' 8x10 original illustration - $120 w/frame}


The thing is, though, I'm realizing I wouldn't have it any other way. Ok, maybe with a little less pressure, but honestly, the deadlines, the excitement, the collaboration, planning, productive daydreaming, painting - living fully in everything I'm passionate about is so incredibly exhilarating. I'm so pleased to share with you the work that made it into the gallery for the month of August.


rockin curves{'rockin' curves' 11x14 original illustration - $175 w/frame}



And! Look for some pretty/strange/pretty strange skull prints to be popping up in the jilly ink Etsy shop this week as well!


unisono fest table{skulls & script 11x14 prints - $15 each - coming soon to the jilly ink shop}



(* if you're interested in purchasing any of the original art work from the 2nd Fridays Art Show, please feel free to email me at or call Both Sides Gallery at 419-543-2248)

nine months and a new show

bigger is better insta nine months ago, i was invited to show work at the gorgeous both sides gallery space in pilsen, chicago. it was a magical experience, full of meeting new people (one of which just so happens to be pouring me a cup of coffee right now), putting my art work out there, gathering feedback, and becoming exposed to one of the most vibrant art communities in this fair city.

tonight, nine months (to the day, and date - how about that?) later, i'll be showing another series. you may remember when i drew a few bones back in the fall.. well, i've decided to expand on that idea and move a little deeper..ehem.. into the body, and context. the theme of this month's show is 'inner beauty', so my take on that was to use suggestive phrases typically geared towards certain parts of the female and male bodies, and juxtapose them alongside illustrations of bones about which they'd be construed as positive attributes. i'll have much more photos to post next week about the opening tonight (i might have a few pieces that need finishing this afternoon... ever the procrastinating artist), but here's a sneak preview of two of the pieces i'll be framing and hanging on the walls.

rockin curves insta

if you happen to find yourself in chicago tonight, stop by both sides gallery from 6-10pm, on the corner of 19th and halsted. or stop by anytime this month to take a gander at the show!

the school of the art institute of chicago - mfa show completed


it's been two weeks since graduation. since i walked across the stage of the pritzker pavilion in millennium park, chicago, and shook the hand of president walter massey, and became a 'master' of something. a master of fine arts in writing. to say that the journey getting there was eventful, exhilarating, incredibly, overwhelmingly fun, exhausting, trying, emotional and full of unforgettable moments isn't doing it justice. in fact, as a writer, all of that sounds a bit cliche. but the truth is, i couldn't have imagined my life any different than it is now. i can't imagine not having had the experiences i've had, meeting the people that now surround me and fill my days, working within the three different careers i've built for myself, living in this vibrant and gorgeous city.



every decision i have made over the last two years has helped shape the life i feel inspired to continue living, every day. every choice i've made, every person i've said hello to, every meal i've consumed, yoga class i've sweated in, party i've attended, reading i've participated in, boy i've kissed, morning i've awoken to with a smile on my face, ready to get up and get at what's next - it's all helped me grow, and it's all helped me understand just what i want, what i expect, what i deserve from this life. so, going to art school might seem frivolous. perhaps it really was. but i wouldn't have preferred getting to today any other way.


ps. these are all images from the mfa thesis exhibition at saic - more to come in the form of paper cutting, for sure.


bleed heart bleed: design cloud chicago

some exciting news to share - my installation piece, "all those other words", will be amongst 25 other artists' works in design cloud gallery's 2nd ever group show! opening this friday, february 17th (reception 6-9pm), bleed heart bleed includes work that explores, examines and reflects the many different responses to lost love. my piece, which is also currently up in the sullivan galleries through february 18th, fits into this quite aptly. below is the invitation to the show - if you're in chicago this friday night, be sure to rsvp, come sip some wine, look at art, and share in the universality of what it means to have a broken heart, what it means to mend it and move on.

dear chicago, hi. i'm your new yoga teacher

that's right!  starting tomorrow (pending any real snowmaggedon doom), i begin teaching regular weekly power vinyasa classes at chicago's indigo studio.  i'm incredibly excited to be joining a group of talented instructors and fantastic yogis.  if you're ever in the area, please stop in to stretch and sweat with me!


here's my schedule - and i'll post if anything changes:

sundays: 9:00 - 10:00am

wednesdays: 5:00 - 6:00pm

fridays: 12:00 - 1:00pm


class description: power vinyasa flow

the purpose of this yoga is to help you explore your limitations while honoring your body.  this yoga will move you.  this yoga will inspire you.  this yoga will bring you closer to the relationship between your breath and body.  it will challenge you without forcing or pushing you to muscle through anything.  it will provide you with real physical, mental and emotional results to help you lead a more fulfilled and healthy life.  this yoga will make you sweat and smile at the same time.  this yoga is for everyone.


and a bit about me: jillian schiavi

jillian schiavi took her first yoga class four years ago, and has been continuously inspired ever since.  after receiving her undergraduate degree from new york university, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at yoga to the people (rys) in 2010.  in her teaching, as in her life, she exudes positive energy with a passion for sharing the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga.  she moved to chicago in august of 2010 with the intention of bringing that vision to others, as well as beginning work on her mfa in creative writing from the school of the art institute of chicago.  she believes that yoga should be available to anyone and everyone who wants to experience greatness and genuine possibility in their lives, and she believes that through teaching, she is able to further her understanding of the practice each and every day.