terrariums terrariums!

20130806_BA_JS_ABC-3 what a lovely night it was, last week, at the gorgeous both sides space, making little terrariums (although, at the time, it was still a bit in shambles before we'd hung the second fridays art show).









i spent the morning and afternoon at sprout home, picking through their newest shipment of tiny, adorable succulents and cacti, choosing soil, lava rocks, charcoal, sand and rocks. i must say, they are incredibly  wonderful, helpful people, and the store itself is lovely and full of so many plants that i wanted desperately to adopt as my own.





from there i traveled to blumgarten, a new florist shop that just opened up on halsted and 18th, across from the gallery, in the chicago arts district. they have such a wide array of glassware; it was such fun picking out little vessels for the succulents. with delicious veggie and port pasties from bridgeport pasty, and handmade plant-inspired jilly ink cards, the tables looked inviting and well laid out.






the workshop was a success, and culminated in the cutest little terrariums that everyone took with them at the end of the night. special thanks to alexis buryk of lexi b photography for taking these perfectly lit photos.


i loved sharing this newfound love, and look forward to holding the next one in september! stay tuned, and if you're in the chicago area, i'd love to have you at the next workshop!

little tiny ecosystem workshop

little tiny ecosystem workshop

i am so pleased and thrilled and excited to be leading a terrarium-making workshop at the both sides gallery space on tuesday evening, august 6th from 7-9pm. i'm envisioning little work stations, the materials clearly marked with calligraphy signs, beautiful glass vessels in which students will be planting vibrant succulents. not to mention some delicious neighborhood snacks, candlelight, and good company.

if you're a chicago resident (or know you'll be in chicago that day), and you'd like to reserve a spot in the class (only 20 spots open), send me an email at jilly.ink@gmail.com. class is $45 and includes all materials. what a beautiful way to bring some easily-managed life into your home or office!