International Women's Day

Happy Monday everyone!

I started off my week (last night) looking at and reading a lot of posts/pictures/stories relating to International Women's Day. The major thing I took away from all of it was the fact that, for this one day, the overwhelming attitude by women, for women, about women, was positive. I'd like to think that this is the case every day, but the truth is, we still have a long way to go in consistently and compassionately lifting each other up. 


I try as often as I can to highlight and put a spotlight on other women that are doing amazing things, contributing their talents, their love, service, skill, time, and effort to others. Women who fiercely drive towards their passion, and along the way inspire, encourage, motivate, and even mentor other women trying to do the same thing. We don't have to live in a world where the only way to the top is to step on the shoulders of everyone we see as competition. We can be ferocious in our intention to get there, and generous with others along the way. Who's to say we can't all stand at the top together.. and take a really awesome group photo?


International Women's Day was yesterday, March 8, 2015 - but I wanted to extend the spirit of female power to the beginning of your work week. Click here for a free PDF download of this print, and if you like this post, comment below! Share the message with the other awesome ladies in your life, and be sure to tag @jillyink on any social media conversations, so I can jump in and see your thoughts!

Cheers to an amazing and inspiring and memorable Monday.

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happy birthday! cards!

IMG_4256 there are a handful of very very special people who have birthdays in march, and this year i decided to make some custom hand lettered birthday cards to send their way. orange and white, with some very cool gold metallic gel ink on the envelopes. these aren't up in the shop, but if you're looking for something to help say, 'hey! you! i'm so glad you were welcomed onto this planet when you were!' - well, i'd love to help make that happen.




holiday! holiday! gifts! gifts!

IMG_4021 i'm thinking about holiday season much differently this year. yes, for the past few seasons, i've tried hard as i could to buy local, handmade, artist-created wares, goods, artwork. i've even tried making things for loved ones. this year, i'm going to focus on simple. very simple. well-chosen words, photographs, pictures, drawings, paper. ordinary things made more beautiful by a new, vibrant approach. maybe an intriguing postcard acutely placed in a gorgeous frame. or a set of vintage silverware with the handles dipped in paint.




along these same lines, in the etsy shop, i'm currently offering simple, hand-lettered quotes on 8x10 paper. whatever quote, saying, words you can think of will be transposed in my calligraphy and sent to you, ready to be gifted, (or framed, and then gifted. or wrapped around something else, and then gifted. or kept for yourself). i figured this was a lovely, cost-effective way to gift my love of lettering to holiday celebrants everywhere.


it's early, yes, but think how much more you'll be able to enjoy your egg nog and ugly sweater parties knowing your holiday shopping is all done (and looking pretty beautiful, if i say so)? cheers!


- find the listing for custom hand lettered quotes here!