another little alice

i'm in love with stop-motion videos, and have become increasingly intrigued with just how exactly they're made.  this one in particular, found via lobster and swan, is gorgeous and sweet and silly.  from the styling to the music (by alison kudol of a fine frenzy) and whimsy that permeates the story, angela kohler and her boyfriend ithyle have really created a beautiful sequence that i would very much like to curl up and take a ride through myself. [youtube=]

to read more about the background of the short, visit lobster and swan for a little q&a with angela.

another bus ride home

thoughts on a bus ride: 'away we go' is an excellent driving movie (well, it's an excellent movie regardless... let it be known that i would someday love to work with both john krasinski and dave eggers on a film).

don't ever forget a second snack - that back half of a four hour long ride can be brutal without something sugary to savor.

'death cab for cutie' and 'kaki king' can make even the most fitful of bus sleepers doze off within minutes.  they also provide beautiful soundtracks for motion dreams.

even when you think that, because it's the dead of winter and you're traveling up further north, the bus will be warm inside, bring an extra sweater, scarf, blanket, space heater, because it most certainly will still be freezing.

the outside seat is better for long legs and spontaneous trips to the can.  then again, the inside seat is better for makeshift coat pillows to lean up against.  then again, the outside seat is usually warmer, being further from the cold window.  then again, the inside seat provides more privacy.  then again they both are sort of terrible.

the bus will never be as comfortable as the train, and the train will never be as cheap as the bus.

at least it now has wifi!  about two hours away now, and i'm greatly looking forward to that great big glass of wine awaiting my arrival at home.  massachusetts, here i come.

gettin' jiggy

i've already spoken about them, sung (literally, all the time - just ask my roommates) their praises, gone to roughly a million of their shows, but it just has to be said again: i freaking love pearl and the beard. and here's just one more, teensy reason why: